[artwork by DanRae Wilson]

  • I'm incredibly excited to announce that I have joined the instrumental arts faculty at CalArts. I will be succeeding James Miller as trombone faculty along side Alex Iles. I will also be co-teaching brass workshop with Ed Carroll and playing in the faculty ensemble. 

  • RAGE Thormbones and WasteLAnd music's portrait album of Katharina Rosenberger's music is out on HATHUT records. It is distributed in the US by SquidCo. It's also included in Steve Smith's Night after Night playlist on the Log Journal.

  • I recently recorded Wolfgang von Schweinitz's JUZ for trombone and playback for a 2018 release alongside Michelle Lou's HoneyDripper for trombone and electronics.

  • My solo program from the fall of Deyoe, Lou, Greenwald, Katie Young, and McCormack was included in the COLTA article of "What Music from 2016 will go down in History" by Olga Rayeva. The Russian article can be found here

  • WasteLAnd has received another incredibly kind mention from Alex Ross on his blog, The Rest is Noise. He very thoughtfully calls WasteLAnd "one of the country's most far-sighted new-music series" while sharing the video of our premiere of the brass quintet version James Tenney's Saxony from last spring.

  • The manual portion of Face|Resection is complete and live on the blog section of my site. E-mail me [at matt.j.barbier@gmail] if you'd like a hard copy.
  • This fall I began teaching trombone and euphonium at Los Angeles City College (LACC).

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