recent compositions:

you can find audio of my work here or embedded below.

scores available by email

upcoming work:

solo amplified euphonium work for Weston Olencki [2017-18]

in progress/long term works:

platonic solids 1-5 [2013, 2017/8] realizations of the five platonic solids, matching holograms of the same shapes by Tristan Duke. For cello, viola, violin, trombone, and oscillators. Vinyl release for LACMA [spring 2019]

From the Lost Diaries of Takahiko Iimura. [2016-2019] film project with Tom Leeser for low brass, contrabass clarinet, and electronics 

146A #1-20 (and all two part combinations) [2011-ongoing] ongoing series of pieces for prerecorded tuba and optional live tuba. Based on the wall drawings of the same name by Sol LeWitt. Each number is 10'

completed works: 

some birds make paper ladders: for RAGE Thormbones, electronics, modular synth and fixed media.

recomposition of Wolfgang von Schweinitz's Juz for RAGE Thormbones


09/26/1940 [2017] for amplified euphonium

 sustained by gravity as rapture [2016] for electric guitar and pedals. for Nicholas Deyoe. flexible duration.   

for Klaus [2015] for sackbut and playback. Based on Klaus Lang's Kyrie from missa beati pauperes spiritu. 10'

gravlax [2015] for trumpet, french horn, trombone and playback. 

for Cleveland's Factory Seconds Brass Trio. 10' 

gravlax B [2015] alternate version of gravlax for two trombones. 

for RAGE Thormbones. 10'


unearth [2014] micro puppet opera with DanRae Wilson and Argenta Walther. For voice, headphone playback, accordion, and paper. 


fade music [2014] for euphonium, playback, and video. Made in collaboration with film maker, Tom Leeser.


tree music [2014] for euphonium, playback, and video. Made in collaboration with film maker, Tom Leeser.


Realization of David Rosenboom's In the Beginning, Etude 1 Trombones for horn, trombone and tuba [2012]. 10'

 for Trio Kobayashi [with alternate for three trombones]

lucid music for passing ships [2012]  in three parts. for Harvey and the Getty Villa. variable length

  • part i- for trumpet and trombone. each player with chimes
  • part ii- for cello, double bass and two chimes players
  • part iii- for any number of players

Solo trombone realization of David Rosenboom's In the Beginning Etude I (trombones) 1978. [2010, revised 2012] 10'

String, Cardboard, Glue and Love [2011]. Music for DanRae Wilson's installation at Machine Project.



Sun: a Poem for Malcolm X Inspired by His Murder. Music for Adrienna Kennedy's 1968 play.                                                                Directed by  DanRae Wilson for her MFA Thesis. [2009/10]