recent compositions:

you can find audio of my work here or embedded below.

scores available by email

upcoming work:

solo amplified euphonium work for Weston Olencki [2017-18]

fixed media album for layered trombones [2018-19]

platonic solids 1-5 [2013, 2017/8] realizations of the five platonic solids, matching holograms of the same shapes by Tristan Duke. For cello, viola, violin, trombone, and oscillators. 

From the Lost Diaries of Takahiko Iimura. [2016-2019] film project with Tom Leeser for low brass, contrabass clarinet, and electronics 

146A #1-20 (and all two part combinations) [2011-ongoing] ongoing series of pieces for prerecorded tuba and optional live tuba. Based on the wall drawings of the same name by Sol LeWitt. Each number is 10'

Some Birds Make Paper Ladders [2018]: for RAGE Thormbones, electronics, modular synth and fixed media. 22.5'

Juz for 2 trombones, recomposed from the solo trombone original by Wolfgang von Schweinitz for RAGE Thormbones.

 [2017-18] 36'

9/26/1940 [2017] for amplified euphonium. 4.5'

excerpted from: From the Lost Diaries of Takahiko Iimura. [2016-2019] film project with Tom Leeser for low brass, contrabass clarinet, and electronics 

 sustained by gravity as rapture [2016] for electric guitar and pedals. for Nicholas Deyoe. flexible duration.   

for Klaus [2015] for sackbut and playback. Based on Klaus Lang's Kyrie from missa beati pauperes spiritu. 10'

gravlax [2015] for trumpet, french horn, trombone and playback. 

for Cleveland's Factory Seconds Brass Trio. 10' 

gravlax B [2015] alternate version of gravlax for two trombones. 

for RAGE Thormbones. 10'


unearth [2014] micro puppet opera with DanRae Wilson and Argenta Walther. For voice, headphone playback, accordion, and paper. 


fade music [2014] for euphonium, playback, and video. Made in collaboration with film maker, Tom Leeser.


tree music [2014] for euphonium, playback, and video. Made in collaboration with film maker, Tom Leeser.


Realization of David Rosenboom's In the Beginning, Etude 1 Trombones for horn, trombone and tuba [2012]. 10'

 for Trio Kobayashi [with alternate for three trombones]

lucid music for passing ships [2012]  in three parts. for Harvey and the Getty Villa. variable length

  • part i- for trumpet and trombone. each player with chimes
  • part ii- for cello, double bass and two chimes players
  • part iii- for any number of players

Solo trombone realization of David Rosenboom's In the Beginning Etude I (trombones) 1978. [2010, revised 2012] 10'

String, Cardboard, Glue and Love [2011]. Music for DanRae Wilson's installation at Machine Project.



Sun: a Poem for Malcolm X Inspired by His Murder. Music for Adrienna Kennedy's 1968 play.                                                                Directed by  DanRae Wilson for her MFA Thesis. [2009/10]