solo trombone                                        

Barrett, Richard- Basalt [in preparation]

Berio, Luciano- Sequenza V

Cage, John- Solo for Sliding Trombone

Corral, Daniel- Diasporic Music #5. Travel^

Cubarsi, Sara- new work for solo trombone [2017]^

Deyoe, Nicholas- facesplitter^

Eckardt, Jason- Compression [2017]^

Feldman, Morton- A Very Short Trumpet Piece

Haas, Georg Friedrich- ...aus freier lust...verbunden....

Hölszky, Adriana- WeltenEnden (version for trombone)*

Houben, Eva-Maria- zwischendurch

Iannotta, Clara- new work [2019] co-commission with Weston Olencki^

Isaacson, Kurt- lowspeech (animalesque)

Johnson, Evan- new work for solo trombone [2019] co-commission with Weston Olencki, Ben Marks, and Steve Menotti^

McCallum, Clint- Bowel Resection^

McCormack, Timothy- HEAVY MATTER

Rosenboom, David- In the Beginning, Etude 1 (realization- barbier)^

Scelsi, Giacinto- Mantram, Canto anonimo

Scelsi, Giacinto- Tre Pezzi

Tallon, Tina- a silhouette of constrained motion^

Ulman, Erik- Coronation of Sesostris

Xenakis, Iannis- Keren

                                   solo with electronics or playback

Barbier, Matt- 146A #1-20. (with playback)^

Donahue, Dustin- negative (with playback)^

Lou, Michelle- HoneyDripper for trombone and electronics [2016] co-commission with Weston Olencki

Lucier, Alvin- Windshadows. (with two closely tuned sine tone oscillators)

Smolka, Martin- Like the Nicean Barks of Yore. (with reverb)*

Schweinitz, Wolfgang von- JUZ, op. 40. (with pre-recorded trombone)^

Trayle, Mark- Unstable Trombone. (with feedback processing)^

Worthington, Scott- unphotographable^ (with playback)^

Young, Katherine- puddles and crumbs (amplified trombone and electronics)

       other solo                                                

Barbier, Matt- 146A #1-20. trombone or euphonium and playback^

Deyoe, Nicholas- 714 Traction AVE, Los Angeles. orginally for horn, reworking for double bell euphonium. [in progress]^

Greenwald, Andrew- A Thing is a Hole in a Thing it is not (vi)^ 

co-commission with Weston Olencki

Hölszky, Adriana- WeltenEnden (version for Euphonium)* 

Isaacson, Kurt- abbess. euphonium^

Isaacson, Kurt- Monk. double bell euphonium and transducers^

Isaacson, Kurt- when the canopy depicts figures of the victim, or victims, the cords are red to indicate places of contagion. bass trumpet, electronics, and snare drum amplification^

Johnson, Evan- Rückenfigur, version for euphonium [in preparation]

Lim, Lisa- The Green Lion Eats the Sun. Double-Belled Euphonium.*

Roy, Elise- new work for euphonium [in progress. 2017]^

Scelsi, Giacinto- Tre Pezzi for bass trumpet*

Wannamaker, Robert- Phase Diagram for performer with phonograph turntable and contact microphones [in preparation]

                                     trombone and piano

Cage, John- Two5

Denisov, Edison- Chorale Variations

Krieger, Ulrich- scorched earth^

Kurtag, Gyorgy- Six Pieces for Trombone and Piano

Lucier, Alvin- Panorama

Subotnick, Morton- the Wild Beasts [with ghost score]

Zimmermann, Walter- Erde-Wasser-Luft-Töne [with percussion]

trombone duo   [with Weston Olencki aka RAGE Thormbones]                     

Barbier, Matt- gravlax, b.^

Basica, Constantin- EMPMP^

Bean, James- eleven circuits for reflection of the glass^

Callery, Eoin- 

Deyoe, Nicholas- Mornewegstrasse 34^

Evanoff, Ray- New Work^

Franzson, David Brynjar- the cartography of time^

Halac, Fede Camara- ciudad invetida

Hill, Jen- piece for internet^

Isaacson, Kurt- captive species^

Lamb, Catherine [upcoming]^

Lou, Michelle- new work for two double bell euphoniums^

Maier, Manuela- what you see, is it^

Marrino, Jessie- Throw Me to You and Back Again (X2)^

McCormack, Timothy- WORLD EATER^

Murray, Max [in progress] 2017^

Nielsen, Lewis- hey ho the carrion crow^

Olencki, Weston. tridecimal^

Pax, John [in progress]^

Pisaro, Michael [in progress]^

Pluta, Sam [in progress. 2016]^

Rosenberger, Katharina- Shift (for two trombones and ensemble)*

Schroeder, Sabrina [in progress. 2016]^

Snir, Adi- Strainer^

Takasugi, Steven Kazuo- New Work^

Watkins, Zachary James- New Work^

                                 trombone and percussion     

Barrett, Richard- EARTH for trombone and percussion

Finnissy, Michael- Quabara. didjeridu and percussion*

Reynolds, Roger- From Behind the Unreasoning Mask. trombone, percussion and tape

Rosenboom, David- In the Beginning II (Quartet). for four cellos, trombone and percussion

Stebbins, Heather- from these old skins. trombone and percussion

Xenakis, Iannis- Zythos. trombone and six marimbas

                                 trombone plus (selected)

Barrett, Richard- eiszeiten for horn, trombone, tuba, and electronics^

Deyoe, Nicholas- Lullaby 4. bass clarinet, trombone, cello, and piano^

Grisey, Gerard- Solo pour Deux. trombone and clarinet

Isaacson, Kurt. Monkfish. double euphonium and flute^

Lang, David- Men. for trombone and ensemble

Lou, Michelle- untitled three part construction. versions for:

   db bass, trombone,and perc^          

euphonium and perc^          

Johnson, Evan- Apostrophe #2 (pressing down on my sternum) for alto tbn and 1/4 tone flugelhorn (in preparation)

Mahnkopf, Claus-Steffen- d'avance. for clarinet, trombone, cello, and piano*

McIntosh, Andrew- 2 Diffractions for 2 trombones and optional violin^

McIntosh, Andrew- Voice and Echo II. alto trombone and viola^

Polansky, Larry- Three Pieces for Trombone and Tuba^

Schnittke, Alfred- Schall und Hall for trombone and organ

Spahlinger, Mathias- gegenunendlich. bass clarinet, trombone, cello, and piano

Tallon, Tina- new work for solo trombone and ensemble. [wildUp commission, fall 2016]

Xenakis, Iannis- Linaia-Agon. french horn, trombone, and tuba

^world premiere 

*US premiere