Upcoming Concerts:

26|January|2018 Ulrich Krieger Faculty Recital. 

Performing Ulrich's Scorched Earth with Richard Valitutto for trombone, inside piano, and sound reienforcement. More info tba.

8pm|The Wild Beast|CalArts|24700 McBean Pkwy|Valencia|91355

17|February|2018 Eve Belgarian at RedCat

Performing Eve Belgarian's On the Battle Field for trombone and abelton on a portrait concert for the Alpert Award winner at RedCat. More info tba.

8:30pm|RedCat|631 W 2nd St|90012

10|March|2018 Microfest: Just Brass ii. 

Trio Kobayashi returns to MicroFest alongside the CalArts Brass Ensemble. Music by Cat Lamb, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Ellen Arkbro, and more. More info tba.

8:o0pm|ArtShare LA|801 E 4th|LA|90013

12|March|2018 Ensemble at CalArts. 

Performing with the Ensemble at CalArts. More info tba

8pm|The Wild Beast|CalArts|24700 McBean Pkwy|Valencia|91355

17|March|2018 Future Folk at the Wallis. 

Performing with wildUp at the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts. More into tba. 

14|April|2018 Deyrdier at Human Resources. 

New evening length performance with the Deyoe/Barbier noise duo. More info tba

8pm|Human Resources|410 Cottage Home St|Chinatown|90012

21|April|2018 David Rosenboom at RedCat

   New evening length performance by David Rosenboom for voice, brass quintet, e guitar,     e bass, and drum set. More info tba.

8:30pm|RedCat|631 W 2nd St|90012

28|April|2018 WildUp Work. 

Performing a concert of, mostly, my own music on the wildUp Work series. More info tba.

8pm|Pasadena Conservatory|100 N Hill Ave|Pasadena|91106

April|2018 RAGE Thormbones in LA

Premieres by Michael Pisaro, David Franzson. Plus music by Katie Young and more. 
More info TBA.

4|May|2018 RAGE Thormbones on WasteLAnd

Premieres by featured composer Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Sara Cubarsi, Cat Lamb, and Elena  Rykova. More info TBA.

8pm|ArtShareLA|801 E 4th|LA|90013|$10

7|May|2018 The Ensemble @ CalArts

More info TBA

8pm|WildBeast|CalArts|24700 McBean Pkwy|Valencia|91355|Free

13|May|2018 Ellen Reid and Master Chorale

Premieres by Ellen Reid performed by wildUp and the LA Master Chorale in Disney Hall.
More info TBA.

23|May|2018 Schweinitz Cantata at RedCat

The WasteLAnd Collective premieres Wolfgang von Schweintiz's Cantata for voice, violin, viola, horn, euphoniun, and tuba at RedCat. This will close WasteLAnd's season with Wolfgang as the featured composer. More info TBA.

8:30pm|RedCat|631 W 2nd St|90012

August|2018 RAGE Thormbones @ Darmstadt

More info TBA.

15-18|November|2017 RAGE Thrombones at Bludenz

RAGE Thormbones will be premiering new works by Michelle Lou, Chris Swithinbank, and Liza Lim. More info TBA.