Upcoming Concerts:

18|September|2017 Sequenzas on T@MS

Performing Luciano Berio's Sequenza V for Tuesday At Monk Spaces's Sequenza concert. More info here.

13-16|October|2017 NCI with wildUp

More info TBA

13|October|2017 Ravi Rajan Inauguration @ CalArts

Premiering a new work for brass quintet, e guitar, e bass, percussion, and speaker by David Rosenboom for the inauguration of CalArt's new president, Ravi Rajan. More info TBA

18|October|2017 faculty recital at CalArts

I'll be performing a solo recital at CalArts. World premiere by Jason Eckardt plus music by  Michelle Lou, and faculty members Robert Wannamaker and Nicholas Deyoe. Webcast here.

8pm|WildBeast|CalArts|24700 McBean Pkwy|Valencia|91355|Free

18|October|2017 Deyoe/Walters Album Release

More info here.

17|November|2017 Katharina Rosenberger Album Release w/RAGE Thormbones and Nick Deyoe

More info TBA.

18|November|2017 LA Phil Noon to Midnight

LA Phil's second Noon to Midnight. I'll be premiering new works by Richard Barrett and Elise Roy with gnarwhallay in Disney Hall and music by Catherine Lamb and Max Murray with RAGE Thormbones. I'll also be performing two concerts with wildUp including a world premiere by Scott Walker. More info TBA

2|December|2017 RAGE Thormbones at Columbia

RAGE Thormbones in residence at Columbia, performance at Issue Project Room. More info TBA.

9|December|2017 CalArts Brass Ensemble

Music by James Tenney, Ingram Marshall, Carl Ruggles, John Cage, and Ellen Arkbro. 
More info TBA.

10|December|2017 Torrance Art Museum

Performing on a new series at the Torrance Art Museum. Premieres by Davíð Brynjar Franzson and Chaya Czernowin (new version of Adentium capillus veneris #1 for trombone), as well as Michelle Lou's HoneyDripper. More info tba

11|December|2017 The Ensemble @ CalArts

Performing with the CalArts Resident Ensemble. Music by Michelle Lou, Ionatta, and other. More info TBA.

28|April|2018 WildUp Work. 

Performing a concert of, mostly, my own music on the wildUp Work series. More info tba.

4|May|2018 RAGE Thormbones on WasteLAnd

Premieres by featured composer Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Sara Cubarsi, Cat Lamb, and Elena  Rykova. More info TBA.

May|2018 RAGE Thormbones in LA

Premieres by Michael Pisaro, David Franzson. Plus music by Katie Young and more. 
More info TBA.

7|May|2018 The Ensemble @ CalArts

More info TBA

August|2018 RAGE Thormbones @ Darmstadt

More info TBA.

15-18|November|2017 RAGE Thrombones at Bludenz

RAGE Thormbones will be premiering new works by Michelle Lou, Chris Swithinbank, and Liza Lim. More info TBA.