Upcoming Concerts:

15-18|November|2018 RAGE Thrombones at Bludenz

RAGE Thormbones will be premiering new works by Michelle Lou, Chris Swithinbank, and Liza Lim as well as performing music by Manuela Meier. Festival runs 11/15-18 and we perform 11/18. More info TBA.

8|December|2018 High Desert Soundings Fundraiser

Playing a set with Tim Feeney for the High Desert Sounds Fundraiser. TJ Bodren, Michael Pisaro, Laura Steenberg + Tim Feeney are playing sets too. More information here.

8pm|CoAxial|1815 S Main St|Los Angeles|90015|$20/15

12|December|2018 RAGE Thormbones: Lou + St. Louis

RAGE Thormbones plays US premieres of new pieces written for us by our friends Michelle Lou and Lester St. Louis in Brooklyn. Angry rave party and 80' of plastic tubing.

More info here.

8pm|Arete Venue and Gallery|67 West St. #103|Brooklyn|11222

12|Janruary|2019 WildUp @ ACE Hotel

Hosted by Nadia Sorota with music by Caroline Shaw, Andrew Norman, and others. 

More info here.

12-13|February|2019 RAGE Thormbones at Princeton

More info TBA.

17|February|2019 new sounds with Kaori Suzuki 

More info TBA. At CoAxial Arts.

22|February|2019 RAGE Thormbones w/ Kevin Drumm

New collaboration with Kevin Drumm at Constellation in Chicago for the Frequency Series. We'll also play music by Liza Lim, Laura Steenberge, and RAGE Thormbones. More info HERE.

23|February|2019 With Tom Leeser at E.P.F.C

More info TBA.

8-9|March|2019 RAGE Thormbones at Princeton

More info TBA.

19-20|April|2019 RAGE Thormbones at Princeton

More info TBA.

24-27|April|2019 WasteLAnd at UCSC

More info TBA.

1-2|May|2019 RAGE Thormbones at U Chicago

More info TBA.

11|May|2019 Spor with David Brynjar Franzson

New large scale work with David at Aarhus's Spor festival. More info TBA.

20-25|May|2019 WasteLAnd at HGNM

More info TBA.